November 29, 2009

exactly right, part two

You might think (quite reasonably) that a post entitled "How Glenn Beck Can Save the Right" would be horrendous and error-strewn, but you'd be wrong, at least in the case of this post by E.D. Kain:

As the Obama administration pushes its expensive healthcare reform agenda, tackles global warming head-on (sort of), and moves forward with its various stimulus projects and bailouts, the president also took the time to sign into law the most expensive defense budget since World War II...

All told, [the budget is] $855.8 billion dollars - approximately $8 billion more than the Senate healthcare bill would cost Americans in ten years. And this is the defense budget for fiscal year 2010 alone. If we only pay this much for the next ten years, Americans will have spent nearly $9 trillion on defense in a decade - or just over $8 trillion dollars more than we'll spend if we pass healthcare reform.

This is a symptom of empire-building. America is not imperial in the traditional sense, of course. We are not colonists. We have little interest in actually conquering territory. But we do have an overabundance of faith in the ability of our military to insure our security and our economic interests across the globe. Our military foots the bill for the defense of Europe and our Asian allies, allowing those countries to spend their own tax revenues on lavish safety nets and top-notch education programs. Meanwhile, Americans pay for Leviathan. Or at least the Leviathan with the guns.

I refer you back to this visualization.

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