October 2, 2009

mid-afternoon friday politics, snarkily

1. Ahem. This is your government at work:

"There is nothing against you. But there is no innocent person here. So, you should confess to something so you can be charged and sentenced and serve your sentence and then go back to your family and country, because you will not leave this place innocent." - Senior Interrogator at Guantanamo, to Fouad al-Rabiah, Kuwaiti businessman captured in Afghanistan after entering the country to engage in humanitarian work before the US invasion

2. The gerontocracy continues to claw its way forward. Don't worry, though! It's bipartisan. Ok, panic.

3. Juan Cole presents the top ten things which most Americans believe about Iran which are wrong, such as:

Belief: Isn't the Iranian regime irrational and crazed, so that a doctrine of mutally assured destruction just would not work with them?

Reality: Iranian politicians are rational actors. If they were madmen, why haven't they invaded any of their neighbors? Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded both Iran and Kuwait. Israel invaded its neighbors more than once. In contrast, Iran has not started any wars. Demonizing people by calling them unbalanced is an old propaganda trick. The U.S. elite was once unalterably opposed to China having nuclear science because they believed the Chinese are intrinsically irrational. This kind of talk is a form of racism.

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