August 28, 2005

Sitting in the waiting room

It is perhaps fitting that my last entry, oh so long ago, was posted just after the USA-Guatemala soccer match in Birmingham, which I mentioned was but a warm-up for the USA-Mexico match labor day weekend in Columbus, which my lovely wife and I will be privileged enough to attend in six days. If you're not familiar with the activities of the US National Team and her loyal band of supporters, Mexico is arch-rival. The US and Mexico are by far the two best teams in our region, CONCACAF, which includes North America, Central America, and the Caribbean islands (after us two, its probably a toss-up between Costa Rica and Jamaica for the title of third best; Guatemala, Honduras, Trinidad, Canada, and Panama all also field relatively respectable teams. St. Kitts plays on a corn field in the spring and a potatoe farm in the fall. Their goalkeeper is 56 years old.) So back to the US and Mexico. Our matches are notoriously rough. Don't believe me? Watch this highlight video from our 2001 qualifying match and come back later. The matches are also notoriously tough to get tickets to. The tickets for this game sold out within one (1) hour of going on sale on ticketmaster. So its a seven hour ride to Columbus for me this weekend and it will be completely worth it unless we lose to the Mexis. Then I will probably cry the whole way home.

Additional microphone damage.

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