March 31, 2005

He was tied to the bed with a miracle drug in one hand

Whoah a busy month this was. Applications to grad schools and hearing back from them. Results are pending (actually, they're already in, and I'm just tormenting you, my loyal readers (actually, my one loyal reader, Josiah) because our reactions aren't entirely finalized). Some really crazy stuff happened Monday and Tuesday that I may or may not decide to share.

Saw USA-Guatemala world cup qualifier in Birmingham last night. My goal: get excited for USA-Mexico in Columbus Labor Day weekend. Mission accomplished.

March 2, 2005

Smokers in Love

One of the main reasons that I read Slate is for the consistently good architecture pieces. This week, they (Witold Rybczynski) finally get(s) around to talking about some landscape architecture, and in the process do a great job of illustrating (visually, with pretty pictures) the basic (three-fold) split in landscape architecture: landscape as landscape (nature), landscape as architecture (as in my entry on Lawrence Halprin), and landscape as art.