February 25, 2004

You know Louisville is death

No offense to anyone from Kentucky... I don't really have anything against Louisville. In fact, it'd probably make my top five list of cities to live in the (relatively) Southern states. Along with, um, I don't know, (I'm making up a list right now)... Austin, Atlanta, Athens, and anywhere in Northern Virginia. Close call for the Research Triangle in NC.

But anyways, I'm recovering from near death at the hands of the (a? I've heard different things) Norwalk virus (see, I'm not sure if Norwalk is a particular virus or a type of virus). It causes all kinds of unpleasantness including not eating for the past two days and sleeping for a whole day (which is not nearly as pleasant as it sounds when accompanied by whole body pains and the inability to sleep for more than an hour or two without waking up from fever and pain). And its not as bad as I describe it, either, but its sure not pleasant.

Salon has this article, written by a "tech support" guy from one of those horrible hotlines that scares me and helps me understand my own experience at TeleHell (I mean Telenet) much better. See, I realized today, in the midst of pains that made me want to stab my supervisor with my headset, that TeleNet does not actually produce anything useful. All TeleNet produces is billable hours, which are what the clients pay for. Any sort of information passed on to the sadly duped clients is merely incendiary. Furthermore, the goal of telemarketing is most certainly not to product greater revenues for the contracting company. If that were the case, then the contracting companies would probably put more effort into ensuring that their current customers were placed on a do not call list, so that those customers would not become enraged and swear to the telemarketer that would never, ever consider purchasing the contracting company's product again.

Finally, Chris Holton, you are my favorite blog writer ever. You tell it straight and really rock a camel's hoof. You are one straight man.

February 12, 2004

The return of slick (cool like that)

Attention all Moby fans: (I'll admit, I actually thought about breaking my routine and actually putting a purposeful and to-the-point title on this entry, but then I came to my senses and used another random phrase)

Please listen to RJD2.

Quick Quiz: what do the following have in common:
NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, Rangers, Waffle House, Steak and Shake, Merrill Lynch, HBO, the NHL, and Aluminum Shapes LLC, America's premier alumunium extruder...

If you guessed "None of them are interested in talking to Rob Holmes about the possibility of putting Oracle Enterprise Portal Solutions to work for them, improving productivity through efficient access to relevant content and applications," then you are correct!

February 3, 2004

Everything's done in Juarez, Mexico

For the first time ever... I've gotten on the internet at work. This is a real achievement, the beginning of a lifetime of timewasting. I buddyjacked yesterday, it was my first time (there's a first time for everything). My buddy gestured wildly, and breathed heavily into the phone, it made her sound like an asthmatic wildebeast. We talked to a redneck IT manager in North Carolina about doing business with a Finnish sales rep in Copenhagen.