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Moot Thoughts and Musings has moved! New face, new name, new URL.

I'm starting a new blog, Asteroid B612 (http://ab612.partialflow.com/), my own corner of blogosphere. You get a prize if you get the literary allusion.

I've been working on this change for a long time. Hubby has tirelessly transferred my old blog to Drupal. I'm a little sad to be leaving covblogs; I was the first covblogger, after all. But I've feeling the need to be on my own for quite awhile now, and lovely as MT4 is, I like Drupal better. Besides, I royally broke my template, and I don't know how to fix it, so it was a good opportunity to set up house on Asteroid B612.

So if you want to read something amazingly thought-provoking to see more cute pics of my kids, please update your bookmarks, blogrolls, feed readers. My blog stats were really climbing recently, I hope you continue to find it somewhat entertaining to follow me to my new digs.