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Symptom: chocolate craving

Today could otherwise be titled Operation To Not Lose It. You moms know it well. It's a "just keep swimming" kind of day. The kind of day when you dream with a kind of maniacal longing of those pre-kid days when you could sleep in on Saturday morning.

Park day was rained out, so we ran errands. In order to survive this kind of day, I strive to Make It Fun. If I can keep it fun, I have a better chance of controlling the hormones that would lash out at my near and dear. We got some clothes for E at the Old Navy baby and kids sale. Grabbed a few groceries at Whole Foods. And stopped off at Target, where we split a small popcorn. See, the popcorn was the Fun thing.

At home, we did our Fun window decal craft. Just keep doing, doing. The major crafting days I have with Ellis are the days I'm trying to fill.

I very nearly lost it when pleasant playing at the kitchen sink while I was cooking turned into a Dump Water all Over the Kitchen Counter Fest. He didn't mean to. He was trying to pour it into a cup that was much easier for him to keep stationary up on the counter than down in the sink. The fact that was really fun playing with the water on the counter was just an added bonus.

My last craft effort of the day was Spatula Puppets. I taped faces onto rubber spatulas and tied scarves on their necks. Ellis LOVED them! He liked it best when there was one for each hand. But, alas, that had only limited capital. (BTW, puppet idea came from this week's issue of Kids Craft Weekly. Highly recommend this site!)

If you walk up to the local train station between 5.40 and 6.10, you can see at least four trains come in. Ellis loved it. He squealed like crazy, waving madly at all the trains. We walked over to Friendly's to get a sanity ice cream cone. No more trains. They've slowed down for the evening.

As he stepped out of his bath I thought, what a big boy, as he dried himself off, then a split second later I thought, my baby, when I picked him up and he nuzzled his face into my neck.


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What a wonderful age! Precious moments - remember them. Don't they smell lovely after a bath? And is that a cow-lick I see above his forehead? Absolutely adorable!


I heart Old Navy baby & kids sale, too. And Target popcorn.


I've already had some of those I'm-going-to-go-crazy days when Kent won't take a nap, and he's only 2 months old! I totally get the nostalgia for Saturday sleep-ins. Kudos to you on keeping going-- it's not easy, but I know Ellis loves it. =)


Sometimes it's so good to hear from others out there. Makes me feel like at least I'm not going crazy alone. I started a recounting of Monday's schedule as a blog entry and have been entirely too exhausted to finish and post it. :}


just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Now you have that stuck in my head! Love the puppets and so glad you survived! Crazy how fast they grow, eh?


Last week was my first attempt at "Fun Fridays" with Michael. (You can check out our blog for how my attitude didn't quite match my title for the day. :) I LOVE seeing your creativity and the way you delight in your son! :)


Aww, sounds very draining. (Apart from the spilling-water-all-over-the-counter-instead-of-the-sink, which unfortunately WASN'T "draining," haha.) That's my cats' favorite game too. Usually I'm quite good at keeping my water out of their reach, but yesterday I forgot, and I came home from work to see a glass knocked over on my computer desk with water everywhere. Fortunately the computer was ok, but not so with my tray I had made with an old picture frame and glass and a board covered in dupioni silk. I had to dismantle the whole thing and hang the silk up to dry, hoping for the best.


Oh, and the puppets are cute!! They remind me of "Bufasa!" (When we dressed your cello case as Befana.)

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