February 7, 2008

babies babies everywhere

Two of my favorite things!

These two little ones are a delight for me to know. I've probably said this before but it has been an honor to see them grown and change every week. It count it one of the greatest blessings of my transition to NE GA that I've been able to grow my friendship with the lovely parents of these little ones. God surely knew what he was doing when he designed our paths to cross from the north to the south. I am grateful for the Smolko clan and the continued grace and hospitality that they extend me!

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July 31, 2007

what a party?!

This photo certainly deserves some explanation, but it will have to wait for now!


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my Alaskan Hosts!

Morgan and Ben are notorious for making goofy faces in photographs, it's a wonder that they actually have wedding photos where they look "normal". ;)

Morgan & Ben

They were wonderful hosts for my little trip to Alaska. It was great to see them in action working for AWA (Alaska Wildland Adventures) at Kenai Backcountry Lodge. Ben works as a KBL Guide taking folks up the Cottonwood trail & doing water tours of Skilak Lake. And well he does a lot of other jobs too like lugging luggage, helping guests with their heaters and a well it's probably different every day. Morgan is the breakfast cook and dinner prep helper. She's wonderful in the kitchen. She had two morning shifts while we were out at KBL. I decided that because I traveled all that way to visit Morgan and Ben that I would rather get up super early, 6am on Thursday & 5am on Friday, so that I could spend extra one on one time with Morgan. It was fun to hang out with her in the morning quiet. She even put me to work occasionally. Cracking eggs, grinding coffee, washing dishes, but mainly I just got to drink coffee and chat while she did all the hard work! Those two mornings might have been my favorite times in Alaska. Well, seeing a glacier and pods of Orca's was pretty cool too!

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July 3, 2007

for our little friend Ellis!

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too cute!

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May 15, 2007

the tallest person I know

This is me and one of my students "Stew" at a recent res life graduation breakfast. I'm 5'3 but i have shoes on that make me 5'4 he's 6'11. He's also one of the nicest students I know!


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April 17, 2007

weekend festivities

me & morgan

Sunday was the big wedding shower day for my good sister-friend Morgan. Morgan and I have known each other for almost 6 years now. She is a delight and a joy to have in my life. She's fun to be with, she challenges me to be faithful, and well I'm just grateful to have her as a friend. She and Ben are getting married on May 5th. I am honored to serve as their Maid-of- Honor.

The wedding shower was a large undertaking, there were about 50 ladies in attendance, lots of yummy food was eaten and good gifts were opened. Now we're in countdown to the big day. Then Morgan and Ben will be off to a short honeymoon and then off to Alaska to do seasonal work for about 5 months.

Lots of changes in store.

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January 6, 2007

old friends

As I write this entry I'm sitting in Jeannette's livingroom in Ft. Washington, PA (just outside of Philly). I'm typing, she's sewing a vest for Ellis and Ellis is watching Signing Time DVDs. It's amazing to watch an 18 month old communicate so effectively with sign language. I'm even learning some too!

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April 15, 2006

my little friend in france

Thanks Aunt Stina.jpg
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this is my friend william. he lives in france. i like to send him stuff. his mom, alison sent this photo to me a while ago. i think it is so cute. i sent it to him just before he moved to his new house and before he got a new brother.
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spring women's retreat

spring women's retreat
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last weekend I went on a retreat with some ladies from my church. we went to a farm house in hocking hills. we had a great time. for some reason i love taking photos by putting the camera on the table. this was taken while we were all sitting around waiting for our massages. so fun.
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January 15, 2006

Happy Birthday!

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Yesterday was my very good friend's Birthday! Happy Birthday Tracy!
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December 11, 2005

A Good Time

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Apples to apples is a fantastic game. if you have any gamers in your life and they don't have this. you've found your Christmas gift.

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August 18, 2004

we don't usually look this strange

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Me & Jana (my new co-worker) at a recent baseball game!

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