January 26, 2008

Hello Cutie Pie!

Genevieve 1.25.08 031
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I can't fully describe how lucky I am to be this baby girl's Aunt?!?! But my goodness I am blessed with two wonderful little ones. I never knew I could love two little people so very much?!
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Some friends told me about this Film last night. It looks to be a fascinating and intelligent film. I'm not sure when Expelled will be coming out, all the site says is Coming in Spring 2008. This film is certainly going to cause a stir. Yeah! I LOVED these kinds of films. I'm all about people talking and exchanging ideas. Let's use the brains God gave us!!

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January 24, 2008

freaks and geeks

I have a subscription with NetFlix. It's a nice substitute for cable and costs about $20 less. Lately I've been enjoying the joys of TV on DVD, especially because there haven't been any new TV episodses on line. Most recently I've been watching episodes of Freaks and Geeks. It is Hilarious! It was canceled after 12 episodes and I've already seen 9 of them. Maybe I'll get to see the final 3 if they arrive by Saturday. I think my favorite characters are the parents, they try so hard! If you haven't seen this show it is well worth it!

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i like baking

Last night I was feeling domestic. I thought I'd bake some cookies. After Christmas I bought a few jars of cookie mix so all I had to do was add butter and eggs. Well my goodness was I disappointed. I've made these mixes before and they were okay. It didn't seem like they would be too bad, but the finished product was GROSS! Ugh. What a bummer! I had planned to give them to my workstudy students. But I suppose I'll have to make another batch from my tried and true recipe that never fails me. What a bummer and what a waste of time. I have a brownie mix from that same company, wonder if they'll be gross too. Oh well, at least I got a nice glass jar out of the ordeal.

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mystery package

One of my daily tasks at work is to go the the post office to check the mail. And if you know me you know I have a strange love of the Post Office. Not sure where that love comes from but I love mail. I love sending it I love receiving it.

Generally when we receive packages for the library they come via UPS or FedEx rarely do they come through the US Mail (that is unless they are InterLibrary Loan and they come Library Rate). Yesterday we had a package slip in our mail drawer, which usually indicates that we had too much mail for the drawer. That was not the case yesterday. It was an actual box it wasn't a big box but it was very heavy, too heavy to walk back to the library. So I took the mail back to the library and retrieved my car. I asked my coworker if she was expecting a package of books and she wasn't.

Once back at the library we eagerly opened the box wondering what this mysterious package was, it indicated on the outside that "donations were included". Strange. We opened it and lo and behold inside this heavy box were at least 15 books published by the Church of Scientology, all authored by none other than Ron Hubbard. How generous of them. Not sure what we'll do with them, but they could be interesting artifacts in a course on worldview study.

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January 16, 2008

it really is...

...snowing outside. It's so pretty and lovely. Big fluffy white flakes of snow. So amazing! They (weather.com) say it will turn to ice after midnight. It's amazing how in the south what is going on outside weather wise is a winter storm warning, in Ohio this would just be a pretty snowfall. What a difference a few hundred miles makes!

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January 6, 2008

Home again, home again...

"To market, to market, to buy a fat pig;
Home again, home again, dancing a jig.
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jog."

I was so delighted to exit 160 off of I-85 North earlier this afternoon. It is good to be home! I am unpacked (except for the stuff I dumped in my office/spare room). I deal with that later this week.

It is indeed good to be home. I've been away for 18 days! I had a lovely time with family and friends. And I'm happy to report that I'm glad to return to work tomorrow. I am excited for the new semester. I have a sense in which I know what is actually going on. That's the beauty of working in a semester system. The time between allows for rest and space to refocus and there is always a fresh start!

I am really tired so I'm off to catch some shut eye.

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January 5, 2008

on tour...

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...in Sanderson. We went into almost every room in Sanderson and talked about the different classes we each had and the ways the changed us and challenged us. I took this picture in honor of Jay. The history professor who most challenged and encouraged me in my Covenant years.
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4th South!

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Where it all started.
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10 years...

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This weekend I met up with my old college roomies. We actually only lived together for one semester (at least all 4 of us at the same time). Anyhow this year marks 10 years that we've know each other. In August of 1997 Leah transfered as a Sophomore, Anna was a Junior (and our RA), and Teresa and I came to Covenant as Freshman. We didn't actually live together until the Spring of '99. Okay so I'm making this more complicated. But we have had a wonderful time catching up on each others lives, sharing memories and just being with one another. It has been a wonderful little reunion. It has been a gift to see the ways that God has grown and matured us over the years!
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