July 20, 2007

settling in

This week has been full. At times boring. At time lonely and at times full of interesting adventure. But mostly it's been good.

Monday: Moved into my new little brick house on top of a red dirt hill. Very steep driveway. Uncle Tom can atest to that. So much so that we had to drive through the neighbors yard to get the truck up my hill. Lots of help moving in, my new supervisor and her husband, the VP of Academic Affairs, the chair of the Math Department, my uncle and my grandmother. Good crew, we loaded the VERY FULL Truck in about an hour. Grandma wanted to make sure my bed was made before we left for Athens. After we did that we did the $0.50 tour of Franklin Springs/Royston and Emmanuel College campus. Then we drove back into town to return the truck, have lunch and return Uncle Tom & Grandma to Doug & Sam's. I came home and did some unpacking, watched a movie and went to bed.

Tuesday: Went to the Power Board to get my electric turned over to my name and sort of got my SSN problem fixed, not fully to my liking but I look into after I return on July 31st. Did more unpacking.

Wednesday: My friend Joanna drove in from Athens. She and her husband Tim just moved to GA from Pittsburgh. Joanna is 5 months prego with twins, but still very helpful. She helped me by putting books on the shelves and handing me empty boxes to store in the attic. I was most grateful though to have a visitor. I love being with good college friends, because even though I haven't seen Joanna in several years we still have lots to talk about and such great conversation! At lunch we went to Nana's Kitchen a little place that's an old gas station and is now a restaurant of sorts. I had a BLT. Joanna graciously invited me to dinner at her home in Athens. She left in the late afternoon and I drove in to town around 5:15. We had a lovely dinner followed by coffee at a little place not too far from their house. The attraction there is that they serve Greyfriar's coffee. A Covenant Grad Favorite!

Thursday: This day was an adventure. I had the goal of getting my car titled, registered and getting myself a Georgia license. In my old home of Ohio you do all three of those things in the same building. Foolishly I thought that was how it worked in Georgia. So I set out with all the appropriate documents to Carnesville . The county seat of Franklin County. It's about 10 miles away, not too far you say. Well 10 miles winding around country roads seems like forever. I got out there and found out they couldn't do anything for me until I was licensed to drive in GA and the only places I could do that were either in Athens, about 40 miles away or Toccoa Falls, about 25 miles away. I opted for Athens because I could get there faster, and because I knew exactly where it was. I got to Athens waited in line for an hour and got my Georgia Peach License. By the time I got home I had drive over 75 miles just to get a drivers License. Lesson learned. I went to dinner at the library directors house. It was very nice and good to be around other folks. And we discovered there that I have access to the campus wireless because I live so close to campus.

Friday: Drove back to Carnesville again. Very easily got my car titled and registered. The clerk at the title office even remembered me. She wanted to know why I moved all the way from Ohio to Franklin Springs. Did I have family here? Sort of I replied. And then I told her, "I guess I'm the over adventurous one in my family." I then drove out to the closest Wal-Mart, about 15 miles from FS did a little shopping. Came home finished watching the Motorcycle Diaries, ate a super yummy georgia peach and tomato sandwich and now I need to get motivated to do three tasks that need to be done before Sunday at 8am. One of which is pack for Alaska. Yup you read it. I'm off to Alaska at 1pm on Sunday. I'm off for 8 days, 2 traveling days and 6 days with my very good friend Morgan and Ben. Watch for pictures! I'll have lots to share I'm sure.

Posted by Stina at July 20, 2007 7:14 PM