May 27, 2007

spic and span

Currently I'm in Dayton, Ohio. My folks put their house on the market last week in preparation for their relocation to Texas this fall. In an effort to get the house in good order I'm here helping mom get the house good and clean. It's a big house 3 levels so there's lots to clean. And well I guess I should get back to work.

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i'll take 8 please


A wise friend of mine once told me that a woman doesn't need to be married to have nice dishes. Well, tomorrow I'll take her advice to heart. Macy's is having a sale on their Fiestaware. 50% off regular retail price & if you buy four of this 4 piece place setting you get another item of equal or lesser value for free. So I think I'll purchase 8 place settings and for my free items I'll get a platter and serving bowl. I'm super excited about this! I think I'll buy 4 different colors...shamrock, sunflower, peacock & scarlet. Although it might be fun to just buy 8 different colors. I'll let you know what I decide.

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May 15, 2007

the tallest person I know

This is me and one of my students "Stew" at a recent res life graduation breakfast. I'm 5'3 but i have shoes on that make me 5'4 he's 6'11. He's also one of the nicest students I know!


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May 6, 2007

I finally can see a difference...



It has been a long 18 months working on this weight thing, but well worth the results!

And to quote the Weight Watchers ad campaign...I'm becoming an After!

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not that tall

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I don't usually wear heals. But I took a chance and wore these really sassy shoes. I think they might have been 3inch heals. Anyhow when I look at some of these wedding pictures I have to laugh because I look so much taller than folks that I've never been taller than. In this picture Morgan isn't even wearing her shoes so the height difference looks even more pronounced!
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and she's married

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Yesterday was a success! It was a grand day. No rain. Perfect adoring couple. Wonderful wedding ceremony in the round. It was ACRCs first wedding at their new church. It really was a delight and honor to serve as Morgan & Ben's Maid of Honor.
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May 1, 2007

life is full

Life is really full these days. On Wednesday I'll drive north to Northeast OH to take part in the wedding festivities for my good friends Morgan & Ben. Their wedding isn't until Saturday afternoon, but being the Maid of Honor I thought I'd go a few days early to help out with last minute details.

Then my last semester here at ODU ends on May 12th with commencement. Life is a whirlwind. I finally made the phone call yesterday to reserve my moving truck. I'm using Penske...they have unlimited mileage and they give you 4 full days to use the truck. Love it!

Okay...need to get going. I'm going to pick up a car from some friends, I'm test driving it today. It's a 2001 Nissan Altima. I'll let you know how it goes.

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