February 21, 2007

in other news...

Next Tuesday I'm off to Northeast Georgia for my first job interview. It's all a bit surreal. Not only am I interviewing for a librarian position but I'm also an official member of the American Library Association. I suppose that means I'll soon need to change the name of my blog. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

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February 13, 2007

snow day!

It's Tuesday and at 6:51am the VP of Academic Affairs declared the University closed due to weather condtions. Wahoo! What to do?

I went ahead with my daily exercise routine. Then I made a super yummy breakfast and now well I just finshed my 2nd cup of joe and reruns of ER are on TNT. What next. Not sure, I think maybe I might make a mix CD or two. Then who knows maybe I'll work on a few resume submissions. I sent out 5 yesterday (I think I lost count).

In other news I had an exciting weigh in at Weight Watchers...Over the last two weeks I've lost a grand total of 4.6lbs and offically I hit my 30lb goal. To be exact I've lost 30.9lbs since January 23, 2006. It's been a long and hard 56 weeks but well worth the journey. I finally get to pick out my Vera Bradley purse, but in an effort to continue making good choices I'll have to wait until my tax return comes in to make that delightful and well earned purse. After almost 3 months of waiting what's a few more weeks. :)

Now I need to set my new goal. I have about an additionaly 30lbs to lose to reach my overall goal but that is too big of a number for me to work towards. Small goals that's what works. So maybe I'll set it to 15lbs. I've been exercising about 60 minutes a day 5 days a week and I've been seeing the results. Good stuff. I need to think about a reward for my goal. Maybe going back to my ultra short hair cut...but I'm not sold on that. Any suggestions?

Well I'll end for now. Maybe more later since I have some extra time on my hands today!

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February 7, 2007


For the third day in a row all schools in Columbus are closed, but unfortunately none of the colleges or universities in town are closed. I could have really used a snow day. Oh well. Press on.

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February 3, 2007

favorite kitchen gadget for right now at least.

I love this little gadget. Thanks to Diber for introducing it to me.

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strange things

This year I've had a few strange things happen to me. Twice now I've broken glass that shattered into a gazzillion pieces. The first time I got a nasty cut on my leg and now I have a not so nice scar to show for it. The second time I didn't get hurt but it was a super bummer of a way to start the day.

The there was this morning. I woke up around 7:45 just before my alarm went off. My arm was totally asleep and I could hardly get a grip on my glasses. My arm being asleep in the morning is a fairly normal thing for me. What isn't normal is for both my legs to be asleep. I tried to get out of bed and and BOOM I totally fell and fell hard on my knees. Ouch. I sat there kinda confused and tried once again to get up and I couldn't. I eventually just crawled to the bathroom (i'm sure it was an amusing picture). So my legs did eventually get feeling back in them, but what on earth. I've never experienced such a thing. And now I have a big bump on my left knee that reminds me of my softball days from high school.

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love hate relationship

I tend to think I have a love hate relationship with my weight loss journey. I want to be a healthy weight but I also love food and love to eat. I love to eat for all the right and wrong reasons. It's a tension I imagine I'll wrestle with for the better part of my life. I've been trying to get to my 30lb mark for a long time now. It's been frustrating but I've stuck with it, for the most part. By sticking with it I mean that when I slip up and eat too much of something I really enjoy (like ice cream) I remind myself that tomorrow is another day. I've also been working really hard at the exercise thing it off sets some of my bad food choices. Ahh! I keep working on making healthy choices and remind myself that this a process and that I didn't gain all my excess weight in one weekend. It has been several years of not so great choices. And well at least I'm headed in the right direction. Down.

In three short months my good friends Morgan & Ben are getting married. May 5th to be exact. I am honored stand up for them as their maid of honor. Morgan picked a lovely option and all her bridesmaids simply get to choose a black dress of their choice. I found a great dress at Ann Taylor back in the summer for a great price. The recently I found a dress I liked even more for $13 on clearance at Macy's. I bought the 14 (way too big) and the 8 (didn't really fit). So my plan was to get the 14 remade to fit me and the 8 just incase I had dramatic weightloss and it suddenly fit me. A few weeks ago I tried it on and low and behold it still doesn't fit but it has the potential to fit, more so than in November when I originally bought it. So once again I have renewed energy around losing weight and exercising more faithfully.

Off I go. I'll keep you posted.

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