October 14, 2006

more on the weather

We are having a cold spell here in Columbus and it is indeed cold. My weather widget says that it's 46 degrees. Normally I wouldn't really care that it's so cold except that I have no heat. You see I live in a high rise (7 story) residence hall that was build in the early 70s. The heat in this building is steam heat, currently it's still on AC. And maintence has no plans of turning it to heat because "warmer" weather is in the forecast. The last two years that I've lived here invitably what happens is that they switch to heat and then we have a warm up and it gets so HOT in the building. So I sit and wait for 5 days of consecutive cold weather so I can get some heat. Until then I'll be wearing layers and lots of socks. Thank goodness for my down comforter.

Posted by Stina at October 14, 2006 10:18 PM