February 5, 2005

Spring Break

Some of you may know that I work for a private college in Columbus Ohio. Well this spring break March 12-19 I am leading a group of students on a trip. It is going to be interesting, especially because I'll be in charge of 18 students, along with my trusty co-worker and CCO side-kick Jana. We are going to be working with Habitat for Humanity in Opelika Alabama! I am so excited. It is going to be a challenging Spring Break, but I think working with Habitat will be a great opportunity for the students.

I just went on the Greater Columbus Habitat for Humanity Orientation Bus tour. Habitat does amazing work! We had the opportunity to meet a woman who moved into her Habitat home just over a year ago. She said she was so excited to finally have her new home that they wanted to sleep there the first night she had ownership. So they slept on the floor with blankets! Talk about a thankful woman!

She was committed to staying in the neighborhood that she was originally living in and so in an effort to protect her building site she made sure to let the neighbors know who she was and she befriended a lot of the neighborhood kids and let them know it was her house and asked if they would keep an eye out for it. And during the year while it was being built she never had any thefts and hasn't had any problems sense.

She also became friends with the one of the patrol officers who worked that neighborhood. He told her to let him know when the dedication was. Not only did she let him know she invited the whole department. There were so many cop cars and police the day of the dedication that people in the neighborhood kept asking if there was going to be a raid on the house!

So it was great to learn about Habitat here in Columbus. I hope that the students will return from spring Break with an excitement to give to their own city!

Posted by Stina at February 5, 2005 12:14 PM